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child custody and visitation in connecticut

As an experienced Divorce Attorney for Child Custody in Connecticut, I understand that resolving child custody and visitation matters is sensitive and emotional. I work closely with my clients in developing a parenting plan that is in the best interest of your child or children.

What is legal custody in Connecticut?

Legal custody refers to the legal authority of a parent to make major decisions which affects the child’s health, education and welfare. The Connecticut courts favor joint legal custody, where both parents share decision-making regarding the education, non-emergency medical treatment and other areas such as religious upbringing and extra-curricular activities of their children. However, in some situations, sole legal custody awarded to one parent is more appropriate.

What is physical custody in Connecticut?

Physical custody determines which parent has primary residential custody. The child may primarily reside with one parent, or the parents may share parenting time on a 50/50 basis. The best parenting plans consider many factors including the ages of the children, the parents’ work schedules, the distance between homes, and in some cases, the preferences of the child.

What happens if the parents can not agree on custody of their child?

If your child custody matter cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, I have the skill and experience to advocate your case vigorously in Court. The Court often appoints a separate child custody attorney to advocate your child’s preferences in Court, or, with younger children, a guardian ad litem to assess what is in the best interests of your child and to make recommendations to the Court.

Contested custody matters often involve domestic violence issues and situations which may cause risk or harm to the children in dispute. I have extensive experience both pursuing and defending against civil restraining orders. I have also successfully handled child custody matters which arise post-divorce, such as post-judgment modifications of custody or where one parent desires to relocate.

For a consultation regarding child custody, parenting plans, visitation issues, domestic violence or restraining orders, please contact my office at
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Dori-Ellen S. Feltman, Divorce Attorney for Child Custody in Westport, Connecticut, serves clients throughout the Fairfield County and New Haven County area including Wilton, Fairfield, Greenwich, Darien, Norwalk, Stamford, Danbury, Trumbull, New Canaan, Monroe, Newtown.